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How to Choose Suitable Vases for your Home Decoration

How to Choose Suitable Vases for your Home Decoration

The vase is the most common item in the home decoration, especially for large-sized houses and villas. Generally, a pair of large vases are placed in the entrance hall or the living room, which means peace and safety.

So how to choose the right home vase? Here are some knowledge may help you.

By material, Vases can be divided into Glass vases, Ceramic vases, Sandstone vases, and Metal vases.

1) Glass Vase

Glass vases are the most common in everyday life, and they are also the most versatile ones. They are very permeable and easier to see the changes in water quality. For newly-implanted flowers, glass vases are more suitable.
Usually, glass vases are white glass without color, but with a little bit of color, you can subvert your perception of the vase. Even if the style is simple, like a piece of white paper, but the texture of the glass and the sleek and smooth shape make the vase look more like a piece of art. Even if there is no flower arrangement, it is very ornamental.

For those who want retro and beautiful, you can start with a frosted crystal glass vase, which has a combination of classic and modern. Its irregular geometrical appearance, random lines, comfortable colors, and matte texture with a sly beauty. With the flower arrangement, it is superb and refined, and it is a kind of beauty. Even if it is not a flower arrangement, it is also a sense of art as a decoration.

People who like simple style can try glass vases. The glass is transparent, silky lubricated, with irregular embossing, and has a different flavor.

1) Ceramic Vase

Among the vases of many materials, ceramic vases are the most loved, and its warm and delicate texture makes it more artistic. It is suitable for simple home style, and whether it is inserted in a branch or a multi-branched flower, it can create a relaxed and elegant atmosphere.

3) Sandstone Vase

The sandstone vase is a vase made of sandstone as the main material and has always been respected by designers who follow fashion and nature.
The sandstone vase is exquisite in appearance and smooth in surface. It has a noble and elegant temperament and is suitable for high-grade decoration and decoration. It is especially suitable for villa garden, courtyard, and interior decoration. It is widely used in European or Chinese and Western architectural decoration.

It can also be used as a decorative component to show unique charm in architecture, garden, and courtyard design.

4) Metal Vase

Metal vases are the home equipment for every lifestyle advocate. Its natural metallic luster, combined with the beauty of the flowers, makes the simple home environment more interesting.


By style, Vases can be divided into Modern style vases, Vintage style vases, and Chinese style vases.

1) Modern style Vase

Modern style vases are more versatile. Most of these types of vases are simple in shape, mainly made of glass and ceramics, and are the first choice for living room decoration.

Modern style floor-to-ceiling vases are preferred by young people, mostly made of metal. The cold metal texture will give a cool sense of fashion. It usually looks more harmonious with the Nordic style living room.

2) Vintage style Vase

Every family should have a classic vintage vase. The turquoise retro style, the unique vase mouth, the round bottle, and the smooth lines, the appearance is simple, and the retro style of European art is coming. Inserting a bunch of flowers is like cultivating a beautiful life in the blue waves. The unique luster is emitted from the inside out, what a beautiful painting!

The clear texture is characteristic of the retro-style vase. The antique vase is more artistic and energetic, giving a natural and simple atmosphere. Place an antique vase at home to let the fresh atmosphere linger in your home. The antique vase is especially suitable for inserting some long-split flowers, which is artistic and design.

If the living room is decorated in a retro style, you can choose some vases like this to decorate. The material is mostly based on clay pots and has a matte texture. It is better to match some dried flower branches or light-colored bouquets, and the decoration effect will be strong in the living room.

3) Chinese style Vase

The Chinese-style large vases are very Chinese in color, mainly made of porcelain, and have rich surface patterns, including blue-and-white porcelain, flowers and ink paintings. This style of vase decoration in the living room is more eye-catching, and most of them have a good meaning.

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