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Is Resin Crafts Environmentally Friendly?

Is Resin Crafts Environmentally Friendly?

As for the resin, it is familiar to the resin lens, because it has good brightness and is not easily worn, which is very suitable for the lens of the glasses. Resin is a very common material in life. So what is the resin? What else can it be made of? Is it environmentally friendly?

1. What is resin?

Resin is an organic polymer. To be precise, a phenolic structure is used in many industries. Resins are mainly classified into natural resins and synthetic resins. Natural resins generally refer to objects secreted by plants and animals, such as amber, rosin, shellac and the like. Synthetic resin refers to a related product of a resin obtained by a chemical reaction, such as a common plastic product.

2. Which crafts can the resin make?

Because the resin has a lot of colors, sharp edges and high brightness, it can be made into a variety of good-looking crafts. Such as jewelry of various shapes. It is very nice to wear and very fashionable. It is also possible to use resin to water the model to make cute animals, different characters, and shapes that are very realistic. It is a very suitable ornament decoration.

3. Is the resin environmentally friendly?

Resin is a normal secretion of plant tissue metabolism, most of which are solid, only a few are semi-solid, not formed, the texture is very brittle, and the surface gloss is high.

Resin is a commonly used substance in life and is often used to make crafts. The resin itself is not toxic, so most resin products are non-toxic.

However, because some additives need to be added after changing the physical properties of the resin during processing, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the additives are toxic due to the different additive materials used in different applications.

In general, resin products containing toxic chemical components will have a taste and are easy to smell. If you take a lot of it, it will make you feel uncomfortable.

4. How to protect resin crafts?

In daily life, if it is found that the gloss of the resin crafts ornaments is not enough, you can apply a layer of wax on the surface of the resin crafts, and polish it with a towel. Or wipe with a waxy or oily fabric.

Resin crafts are most afraid of the sun, so it can not be placed in the sun, or cracking will occur after a long time. Secondly, it should not be placed in a particularly humid place. In a humid environment, mildew is likely to occur. So it is best to put it on the furniture in the living room to ensure that the sun can not reach.

Notes:The resin crafts we sell are made of environmentally friendly resins to ensure environmental protection. Please feel free to use them!

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